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Archives for the day Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

white clothesHubby has these white uniforms he used to wear during his college days. Actually he is about to toss all of it a year ago. Thank goodness he didn’t because he needs them now for his training. However, there is a big problem. The uniforms turned grayish in color and it will be very yucky to wear them. He suggests buying new ones, but I refuse. We don’t have extra money for that. I promised I will make it whiter he just needs to give me time.

I hope the tips I got from the internet will work. I got a number of ways, but I will just choose the ones I use. So, here is it.

Since I can’t find any bleaching solution in my cabinets, I turned my attention to using vinegar instead. Basically, vinegar is another wonder ingredient you can use to whiten clothes naturally without bleach. If the smell scares you, don’t worry. Your clothes won’t smell like vinegar. The smell may linger in your washing machine for a bit, but your clothes won’t smell. I simply add about ¾ cup of vinegar to your wash along with your regular detergent to whiten clothes naturally without bleach. And of course, I hang the clothes in directly into the sunlight.

That is the picture I took after washing. Probably it needs more washing to make it look new. Hehehe! But, I am happy about it.

However, I am also interested in using Baking Soda. It is a wonderful ingredient to whiten clothes naturally without bleach. That’s why it’s used every day in many whitening toothpastes and natural household cleaners. Just add about ½ cup into the wash plus your regular detergent. Clothes will come out whiter and brighter without chemicals. But, I need to buy them first.