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Archives for the day Sunday, August 9th, 2009

the cat is back

catThe cat, finally find its way back here. I’m supposed to say: “home,” but she is not mine. I actually adopted her not so legally. She’s been around here for almost a month. I have been feeding her ever since then. Last week she’s been missing, I thought her real owner took care of her. And now she’s back.

I find her a bit lovable despite the fact that she doesn’t really look so good and not so adorable. As you can see she has this bony body and not so nice color. But, I hope she will regain weight in no time with my help. I can’t do anything with her color though. Hehehe! Don’t worry even though she is not my type of cat, I will still take care of her because I’m the one who can do that for her.