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Archives for the day Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

MJ’s unseen photos

MJ's unseen photosMichael Jackson’s never before seen photos taken back in 2002, this shows the true condition the star as well as his heavy drug use. The photos show Jackson with necrosis on one of his legs, countless needle punctures and discolored patches of skin that indicate that he may, indeed, have had vitiligo, this was taken by ABC News. Specialists have already confirmed for ABC that the photos show that Michael must have been in a very poor condition even as early as back then.

MJ's unseen photos1

MJ's legs last 2002!

There are also lines indicating IV placement in the legs and it is “unusual,” but that does not exclude the fact that it can be done in case veins on the arms are no longer accessible for tapping, for one reason or another. The black wound seen in one of the photos, of the size of a baseball, could have also been related to heavy IV injecting, the dermatologist believes, since it caused the skin to die. Since the photo is only a small indicator of the kind of pain Jackson must have been in, it’s no wonder he continued to take painkillers until his final day, news said.

According also to the news, as more and more evidence of Michael’s heavy drug use for the past ten years or so of his life emerges in the media, police have already launched a homicide investigation into his death. The primary suspect in the case is Dr. Conrad Murray, who is said to have supplied and injected the star with Propofol, the powerful anesthetic found in his house and that is believed to have led to his untimely death.