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Archives for the day Thursday, August 13th, 2009

makeupPutting make up is one of the best things I could do every day. I am some sort of a vain girl. Hehehe! I find it like as a stress relief. To see myself pretty and presentable make me feel good. The thing is removing them thoroughly is a big problem especially that I am using waterproof and long lasting products.

Washing with soap and water doesn’t work. But, I no longer want to spend for those expensive make up removers because I spend enough for my makeup. I can let go of it, but not my makeup. Hehehe! But, based on my research it is important to have a clean face especially at night. I just don’t want to spend more because life is tough now. Good thing I found this that might be helpful for many ladies looking for cheap make up removers.

Olive Oil for dry skin. This mild, but aromatic cleanser is an excellent, natural way to remove makeup, plus it can also condition lashes. To do this, simply soak cotton balls or pad with olive oil and wipe over face. Remove excess with a warm and damp washcloth. For eyes just pressed down the oil-dipped pad on eyelids and lashes to let it soak in. Gently wipe the pad across eyes to pick up mascara. Go over the eye area with a clean pad until its makeup free. Rinse out with a warm, damp washcloth.

Baby shampoo or baby oil for oily or combination skin. The two wonderfully remove eye makeup, soften lashes, and best of all suits sensitive skin. Just soak cotton ball or pad with either baby shampoo or baby oil, then apply on the face and eye area using a gentle rubbing motion. Rinse out using a damp, warm washcloth.