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Swearing can Manage Pain?

Swearing can Manage Pain?

New research indicates that cursing could be a very way of coping with pain by relieving it on the spot. Thus, no one likes it when someone has some sort of public outburst and starts hurling insults at everyone and everything. While the exact connection between swearing and pain management has yet to be established, study marks a first step into that direction.

Researchers included volunteers who were asked to dip their hand in frozen water. As per their own choice, they were divided into two groups, one that could use a chant or a repetitive, non-offensive word throughout the entire duration of the test, and the other that included only members who chose one of their favorite cusses to repeat. At the end, researchers noted that the students taking part in the study who chose the latter option lasted an average of about 40 seconds more with their hand immersed in cold water than the members of the group who did not swear. At the same time, they also noted they had experienced comparatively less pain.

Through these study researchers state that, while cursing in public continues to be decried in our society, maybe it’s a practice that should not be banned altogether. Being a common response to pain for reasons not yet fully known, and simultaneously, being the first choice of more people than one could count must be a sign that it works on levels that go beyond verbal. As noted, this is not yet certain how swearing acts in pain management but researchers seem to believe that it has to do with activating a part of the brain that is not normally activated during speech. It also contributes to increasing the heart rate, which in turn makes the organism less sensitive to pain no matter its intensity, which is why the first reaction of many when stumbling upon an item of furniture or falling down is to involuntarily swear.