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Archives for the day Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

social networking sitesI am a big fan of social networking sites like Friendster. I am a member of this network since 2007 and until now. But, I am not an active member because my schedule doesn’t permit me and stop last 2008. Sometimes I do visit my profile to check on the messages, but not to visit friends.

I have at least 168 friends in Friendster and I know them all personally. I just don’t get the idea of gathering too many friends that I do not know or even meet. My siblings used to accept invitations from strangers, and then call them all friends. That is strange for me.

One of my closest friends invited me to join Facebook. But, I decided not to. I could not even manage my Friendster account what more if I open a new account in a new social networking sites. It’s better not to accept it. Probably when my time permits me, I will. For now I am contented with my first social networking account.