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Archives for the day Friday, August 21st, 2009

getting pregnantSome of my friends are afraid to get married not unless their boyfriends get them pregnant. I don’t get the idea of this cliché because if you love the person there is no need to wait to get pregnant. Most of their reason is that they want to make sure they’ll end up in a happy marriage. It’s a good reason, but it’s not all there is to be happy.

There are really couples who have difficulty in conceiving. This is a very frustrating thing of course, but this should not be the cause for being single for a long period of time. Here are the most common causes for pregnancy difficulty.

Ovulatory or sperm problems. For women, these includes hormonal imbalances that disrupt their ovulatory cycle; for men, the number of sperms, their size and shape, their ability to move. Age also affects the quality of both ovum and sperm.

Anatomical problems. These involve the fallopian tubes (where the ovum passes) or the seminal tract (where the semen passes), among others.

Lifestyle factors. Being overweight, smoking, drinking and stress may affect fertility.

There are many factors aside from the three. The best way is to visit a physician who will shed more lights than just guessing.