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Archives for the day Monday, August 24th, 2009

saving cash in water

watering your garden!

Does your green thumbing require lots of water? Give your wallet a lift: Save cash and water by watering your garden in the early morning. Not quite a free ride, but still pretty sweet.

  • Just water and set your sprinkler timer for early in the a.m.
  • Water your garden only when the ground is dry.
  • Make sure your sprinklers are directed to water your garden – not your concrete.
  • Raise the level of your lawn mower to 2 or 3 inches. Longer grass keeps moisture better because it shades the roots.

Here are some benefits in doing this: You can have more water to keep hydrated on road trips. Up to 30% of water used for midday watering will evaporate, while night time watering causes your garden to stay damp longer, sometimes leading to mold. And, you will not hiking up your water bill. About 50%-70% of the water a typical household uses goes to the lawn and garden.