Dad’s birthday


Tomorrow, Oct 1, is Dad’s 50th birthday. I don’t know what to do! Gosh, time is so fast. It feels like yesterday when he was in his 30s giving me allowance for school. Where is the time between that? I am forgetting the moments in between that time and now. I am so focus on [...]

generally known food that triggers Migraine

Base on medical studies what causes migraine headaches is unknown. The most likely to answer to-date is that a serious of small irritations or reactions pile up until, finally a migraine headache is triggered. Migraine triggers are different for each individual, but many patients claim that a particular food or combination of foods will push [...]

basic skin care treatment with massage

basic skin care treatment with massage

One great way to keep your mind, body and soul relax is through facial care. This will restores the luster on dull and fatigued skin. Spas and clinics have become popular destination for wide range of facials. So, here’s some basic skin care treatment constituting of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Cleansing – slather your face [...]

Metro Manila, Philippines battles flood chaos

The earlier news reported, a massive rescue operation is under way in Metro Manila Philippines where at least 73 people are confirmed to have been killed in the wake of torrential rains. Tropical Storm Ondoy triggered the worst flooding in decades in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Defence Secretary Gilbert Teodoro said troops, police and [...]

Eating disorder

It is so disturbing to see many young ladies on television that are super thin. Showbiz do have a lot of impact especially on teens. Many women want to imitate them even if it would mean disrupting their eating habits. There are two major eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is characterized [...]

adding personal touch to your home or office

office personal touch

Are you thinking of adding a personal touch to your home or office, but not sure how? Picture frames may be your answer. Picture frames are a fun and simple way to add color, character and style. Decorating with picture frames is fun and simple. To add a splash of color to a shelf or [...]