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It’s unavoidable to have left overs most of the time. No matter how I try to cook less, I frequently end up having more. That’s why hubby is complaining about wasting our food. I try to put them in the fridge so I can use it next time. But, those will turn out to end in trash or as food for stray cats. Doing so hurts me because I know there are lots of hungry people out there. And I am just wasting my blessings by letting my food spoil and throwing them away. I can’t keep them fresh even if I put them in a container.

But, this morning I discovered these always fresh containers made of environmentally-friendly materials that help absorb and remove harmful ethylene gases that speed up the aging process and deterioration of your favorite edibles. It can keep food fresh like Fruits, veggies, cheese, bread, meats, and sauces for weeks longer than those stored in standard plastic containers. I am happy about the discovery of this container. I can’t wait to get my hands to these babies.

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