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Ever since we arrived here, for almost a month already, I’ve been so unproductive. It seems like finishing a task is like a dream. It’s uncommon for me to act this way as I used to be hard-working and diligent in my work. But, that seem to be a history now.

I’m looking for the right answer as to the reason I find myself this way. I’m not so sure if this is “culture shock” or any other reason. The only clue I can get is the back pains, shoulder pains and headache. Well, for the longest time, I realize my impoverished ways has something to do with my working space. Here, I don’t have the right office furniture of my own that’s why I end up sitting in the couch or at the dining table, or at the bed when I’m using my computer.

Sitting in an awkward position can sap energy, increase back pains, shoulder pains and headache. Bingo! I got the right answer. Now, I have to deal with this problem. I really have to find ways to invest in good office furniture.

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