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experiences and viewpoint as my day unfolds

Every day we shape our destiny by what we think and do. We are living in a time where the impossible can become the possible at any moment. Our bio-medical knowledge is doubling approximately every 3.5 years. This means that at our current rate of advancement, within twenty years we will know 64 times as much as we know at this moment. And yet, even with all this expanding knowledge, chronic, degenerative diseases are on the increase. Today, the risk of dying of anything before you are 40 is really very small. But starting at 40, you enter the zone of the 7 deadly diseases. So, here are some checklist to see if a few new habits could add years and fun to your life.

  • What is your body-mass index? Why it matters: Active women whose BMI (a measure of body fat) falls between 18.5 and 22.9 may be 2.5 times more likely to age free of disease than overweight, sedentary women. Excess body fat secretes proteins and acids that can up your risk for cancer and more. A BMI below 23 is best, but less than 25 is good. Keep on moving!
  • How many hours of sleep do you get per night? Why it matters: Snooze fewer than six hours a night and you may be 12 percent more likely to die earlier than if you logged six to eight. Getting less than seven hours disrupts hunger-regulating hormones, causing weight gain and related concerns.
  • Do you have a pet? Why it matters: Cat owners have a 40 percent lower risk of dying from a heart attack than non-owners. Both felines and canines can reduce loneliness and depression, emotions linked to early mortality. Not ready to adopt your own fur ball? Pet-sit for a pal or walk dogs for an animal shelter.
  • How many alcoholic drinks do you have per day on average? Why it matters: Happy hour, indeed: Moderate alcohol intake has been shown to lower heart disease risk by reducing plaque buildup in arteries. But too much imbibing has been linked to breast cancer. Play it safe and stick to one a day (a 5-ounce glass of wine, a 12-ounce beer or 1.5 ounces of liquor).
  • Do you smoke? Why it matters: Cigarettes are the number-one preventable cause of mortality in the United States, responsible for one fifth of deaths annually. Smoking can lead to cancer, diabetes and lung disease — and did you know it also adds years to your looks?

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