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For a long time, I find having a business a more meaningful undertaking as compared to being an employee. That is the very reason I gave up my work in a customer service oriented company and started my home based business. Although separation anxiety kicks in, I was able to cope up with it after a few months.

It is indeed true; setting up my little business is a difficult thing to do. It took a lot of courage and time before I finally say I’m a success. But, the work doesn’t end there. I also need to keep it updated and maintained all the time. The income did not peak until after quite some time. Good thing I was able to focus on it.

For now I am happy I made a move from being a corporate babe to an entrepreneur. I get a lot of inspirations from different successful entrepreneurs like Jesse Willms. Basically, this guy was known for starting his first business – buying and selling computers and software when he was 16 – and launching several Internet companies by the time he was 22.

The most interesting thing I like about him is that he partnered with charities that help women and children or respond to natural disasters that threaten the environment. His company was able to donate a total of $100,000 to four charities.

Well, this is what I wanted to do if ever I will make this big in the future. But, it will take me a lot more effort, time and dedication before it will happen. Hopefully, I can make it.

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