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I have been hearing a lot of complaints from one of my friends regarding her finances. Well, she is not directly saying it to me; instead she is posting it in her facebook and twitter account where everybody can see it. I’m not sure what she wants to point by doing such. But, it is quite troublesome to hear that she is about to give up paying her car insurance.

I think that is one of the most stupid ideas I heard from her. Car insurance should be one of her top priority just like health and life insurance. It must be neglected since it acts like an umbrella in case something goes wrong. She should not worry if her finances get tighter as there is lots of cheap auto insurance available these days. The only challenge is to find the best prices car insurance that has quality features. Getting rid of it entirely is a very wrong decision.

As much as I want to tell her that, I can’t. I don’t want to meddle in her life as we are not close. I just knew her from a common friend. But, we haven’t hang-out yet. I just hope she makes a good decision regarding that matter.

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