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Oils and Cosmetics for Health & Beauty

Each of these beauty cosmetics and oils has their own healing properties that offer their pink skin and a healthy glow. So here goes:

  • Sunflower - produced by American Indians for 1000s of years, the cosmetics and oil is extracted from sunflower seeds and is rich in minerals and vitamins A and E.
  • Oil – one of the most expensive, valuable, and powerful multi-purpose beauty/health oil, has also been called “liquid gold” “do its miraculous powers to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Olive leaves soft skin and feels you’re shiny due to the high mineral content, vitamin E, and fatty acids and vital!
  • Jojoba oil and cosmetics products - obtained from seeds of the desert Jojoba plant, the product is light and waxy. Excessively being used as humectants, jojoba products creates a protective layer on the surface of your skin to lock moisture in so that your skin gets hydrated and smooth, even in winter!

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