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experiences and viewpoint as my day unfolds

To travel around the world is one of my biggest dreams ever since I gain consciousness or awareness. I know it is a bit ambitious, but it doesn’t costs anything to dream big. Through books, magazines and televisions I learn many things and see places. But, seeing these places on my own eyes differs from seeing them in prints.

But, money hinders me to fulfill this dream. That is why it is difficult to just travel even in one destination any time I want to. It takes a lot of planning, hard work and savings just to do that. Of course, it is not impossible. As much as possible I want to do it when I am still single. It is already difficult for me now that I am alone, how much more if I will be with someone else.

For now, my goal is to travel to China. I feel a little envious (positive way) towards a friend who already enjoyed China holidays. She is one of my inspirations since we are of the same age, but she is living her dream. Anyway, I choose China as this country has history of rich culture and wealth of magnificent landmarks. I want to see different attractions such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the elegant pavilions of the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. I’m sure the photos in the books aren’t enough to truly see its magnificence. Another must-see on China tours is the Terracotta Army at Xian, created by an emperor to watch over his tomb for eternity.

I am certain there are more to China than those mentioned above. That is the reason I want to explore the place and see the beauties in my own eyes.

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