How to Prevent Dry Skin

These are ways to prevent you from having dry skin. Or for treating it once it occurs.

  • Wear protective clothing – Exposed skin to cold water will cause dry skin. Wear protective clothing to protect your skin, especially on your hands and face.
  • Avoid hot water showers - Consider taking warm baths instead of hot water showers. Hot water showers actually strip the natural oils from your skin that prevent dryness.
  • Use mild soap - Use soaps that are mild. Soaps with harsh chemicals and abrasives can rip away the nature oils in your skin.
  • Use lotions and moisturizers - Using lotions and moisturizers on a regular basic can help you prevent dry skin.
  • Use bath oils - Adding bath oils to your baths is another way of maintaining oil in your body.

Using these methods constantly will help you to prevent dry skin before it occurs.