dreaming of a thicker, fuller lashes

Having long and luscious eyelashes is one of the things I wanted to have. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born to have those gifts. Plus, I felt the number of my lashes lessen because I used to pluck them whenever I have sty during my teenage years. It’s my bad for following the misconception that plucking lashes where the sty is located will cure the condition. However, it did not do anything other than decreasing the number of my lashes. Good thing I was able to rid away my sty problem.

After repeatedly plucking, I somewhat notice the decreasing number of my lashes. I left it for years thinking that it will eventually grow back, which it does though I’m still unsatisfied. That’s why I’m eagerly looking for the best eyelash growth serum. My goal is to achieve longer, darker, fuller, thicker, and beautiful eyelashes without jeopardizing safety. Purchasing products without properly considering its reliability may cause dissatisfaction and irritation to the user. So, it’s better to put a lot of effort and consideration before I make the purchase.