thinking of redoing the wall

I feel like this house decorating thing will take more time than I thought it would be. Actually, since work is in the picture, the progress is really slow. Hubby and I are doing it one at a time since both of us has a job to attend to and we seldom have the same schedule. Even if it’s slow, at least we are working on it.

Now, we are thinking of redoing the wall. Everyone who visited here seemed to have one common comment the walls are too white and plain. That’s true; the walls are really plain and boring. We are planning to put some wallpaper or paint it with a different color. Then, attach a decorative switchplate cover to make it more interesting. Hubby found some interesting and highly detailed switch plate online. Of course, we can’t pick now since we will have to choose one that perfectly fits to the design and color of the wall. Hmmm… I’m a little excited thinking about it. Let’s just see the result of this project in the future.