enjoying acoustic guitar

Have you ever paused to listen for a moment to a musician gently strumming an acoustic guitar or performing a blazing with those bass amplifiers, soul-stirring flamenco number? The sounds of an acoustic guitar invoke mystery and a feeling of romance for many people. Most people never stop to consider how versatile and wide-ranging acoustic guitars are, but virtually all of them can enjoy the beautiful music they make.

Acoustic guitars may seem magical, but, of course there isn’t really any magic in the guitars themselves. It’s their music that enchants you. It’s just like when you learned to write during childhood. After a while you mastered it and finally you could take on all sorts of writing assignments. The pencil was the implement to express the thoughts, but you were the one who put it to use. It’s like that with an acoustic guitar too. It’s the implement you use to make music. And you learn to play an acoustic guitar in much the same way you learned to write all those years ago. First you just play around with it, like a kind of doodling, and eventually the feeling for it in your fingers just takes over. Soon the music is flowing right through your fingers and into the guitar.

If you really want to play guitar and find yourself checking out the acoustic guitars in all the local music stores or if there is a forgotten one sitting in your attic, pick it up and learn how to play it. You will not be sorry you did.