Great Ideas to Reduce our Stress

Mostly stress has become something that too many people have become accustomed to living with every day. Once stress was a rare occurrence, but with modern pressures, it is increasingly becoming a daily concern. As stress is often caused by the environment around you, there are things you can do to reduce your stress levels. You may not be able to control your external environment, but you can certainly control your reaction to it. This will allow you to control the degree to which stress affects you. Here are some simple but practical tips to help you reduce your stress today.

Exercise Daily - when you get stressed it releases Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH) into your bloodstream to give you a boost to engage the fight or flight reaction. As many of us live a sedentary lifestyle these days, the ACTH is never worked out of your system and remains there. This will cause physical problems with long term exposure. Exercise will help you to work the ACTH out of your system and avoid the long term effects of it remaining in your system.

Drink Water - your body is 80-90% water, and drinking lots of water will help keep you in good health. It will help to keep your immune system healthy and to reduce your stress. Avoid coffee and alcohol during the day as these will actually increase your stress levels by activating the fight or flight mechanism and releasing ACTH into your system.

Listen To Music - music has a very relaxing effect on your body. If you listen to music you consider relaxing it will help to reduce your stress. New age, classical, and nature sounds are common types of music used for relaxation. Some people even prefer louder and more active music to relax to. It’s whatever works for you. If it is possible, listen to music whilst you work or go about your day as that will help you relax more too.

Take Naps - taking some regular naps can really help you feel better and reduce your stress. Often when you are stressed you get tired in the afternoon and do not sleep well at night. People such as Leonardo Da Vinci used to take regular 20 minute naps to recharge themselves. If you are unable to take a nap due to work, then a brisk walk at lunch will help to reduce your stress.

How Urgent Is It Really? - everything may feel urgent or everything may be presented to you as urgent, but how much of it is really urgent? Make sure you prioritize your actions and focus on what you are doing. Don’t allow yourself to be continually distracted from what you are working on by the phone or emails or so on. Generally people will understand when you prioritize your life and will respect you more for it.