busy days looking for presents

busy days looking for presentsMy sister’s current boyfriend is a band member, which causes a little commotion with our parents. But, I don’t have any of that. Since she is happy, then I leave it all to her. Anyway, this November she is planning to go home for her annual leave that’s why she is quite busy these days looking for presents. After more than a year, she really misses the guy and she doesn’t know what to buy for him. I told her maybe it’s best she will give him something he likes.

I thought since he is a band member it would be better to give him a guitar. She can find the best travel bass guitar at guitar center. Somebody told me about this and I’m just relaying the message to her. Why not, I guess the guy will love it and he can use it whenever he has a gig. Well, I’m just suggesting what I think is nice, but I don’t know the guy and sister should know better than me so I leave the decision to her.