as important as serving good food?

as important as serving good foodWhen you invite guests to come to your home to share a meal with you, setting an attractive table is as important as serving good food. Your table setting is the first thing that your guests will see and can actually influence their appetites. This is why you should choose your setting carefully, based on whether the dinner is to be casual or elegant.

If you are having a formal dinner, then using a cream colored, linen tablecloth with matching cloth napkins is great for this type of dinner, like those find burlap fitted tablecloths. You can accent it with a crystal or gold vase filled with flowers. Be sure to use a low vase, so that your guests’ views of each other will not be blocked and you can use a large one for the center of the table and two small matching ones at the end. Candles also add a touch of elegance.