bugging hubby to get new pillow

bugging hubby to get new pillowFor the last couple of months I’ve been bugging hubby about getting a new pillow. I don’t know what’s his up to, but I have to say our pillows are way to mashed to have a good night’s sleep. I have to put something underneath to make it a little comfortable because the pillow is more like nothing by itself. I’ve been waking up like sore muscles most often and I think he does too.

When confronted he said he will buy another set of pillows when we transfer to our own house. By the way, we may have our own house this May or June. It means few two to three months of suffering. But, I guess it’s better to wait because I’ve waited long enough to purchase another low quality pillow. Oh well, I’d better check the memory foam mattress and body pillows from foambymail.com. I’m beginning to get excited over this. Well, let’s see in May or June what I will get.