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bugging hubby to get new pillow

bugging hubby to get new pillowFor the last couple of months I’ve been bugging hubby about getting a new pillow. I don’t know what’s his up to, but I have to say our pillows are way to mashed to have a good night’s sleep. I have to put something underneath to make it a little comfortable because the pillow is more like nothing by itself. I’ve been waking up like sore muscles most often and I think he does too.

When confronted he said he will buy another set of pillows when we transfer to our own house. By the way, we may have our own house this May or June. It means few two to three months of suffering. But, I guess it’s better to wait because I’ve waited long enough to purchase another low quality pillow. Oh well, I’d better check the memory foam mattress and body pillows from I’m beginning to get excited over this. Well, let’s see in May or June what I will get.

fun and exciting days

fun and exciting daysFeb 14 and 15 2014 had been the most fun and exciting days for me this year.  Other than the Valentine’s Day, it was also the second day we had our car. So, we took it out for a long drive, a really long drive where, a lot of times we lost our way. While on the road, the feeling is both stressful and exciting at the same time. We laugh whenever we can get back in our way- thanks to google maps.

Anyway, while on our way we saw a huge gold souk (gold market). I remember my colleague before saying that she bought her beautiful ring in gold souk in that area. Probably that is the place where she bought it. I’m interested to get in, but hubby stressed and tired from driving declined me. So, we went ahead, but I’m feeling a little bit bad. I’m still lucky I know where to find the Kendra Scott jewelry here. I’m pretty sure I won’t be back in souk for some time. So, I’ll just check out the website if I want to go shopping for some jewelry.

been a long time

been a long timeWoah… It’s been a long time since I posted something here. I could not believe I’ve been away for four months already. Well, it’s quite busy here with my job, the transfer, and so much more. But, I will not go any further because I really intend to take a vacation. But, I’m already back now and I hope I will be posting more here in the next few days.

Anyway, for now I’m checking this used cnc machinery. I have plans, which I will not share for now, but it has something to do with this machinery. It’s quite a big plan so it needs a lot of strategy and planning. I don’t want to divulge a vague information that will or will not happen. But, I’m hoping I can take the risk. Well, let us see.

busy days looking for presents

busy days looking for presentsMy sister’s current boyfriend is a band member, which causes a little commotion with our parents. But, I don’t have any of that. Since she is happy, then I leave it all to her. Anyway, this November she is planning to go home for her annual leave that’s why she is quite busy these days looking for presents. After more than a year, she really misses the guy and she doesn’t know what to buy for him. I told her maybe it’s best she will give him something he likes.

I thought since he is a band member it would be better to give him a guitar. She can find the best travel bass guitar at guitar center. Somebody told me about this and I’m just relaying the message to her. Why not, I guess the guy will love it and he can use it whenever he has a gig. Well, I’m just suggesting what I think is nice, but I don’t know the guy and sister should know better than me so I leave the decision to her.

searching moms bday gift

Oh my! Now I’m feeling homesick after looking at the photos on my mom’s Facebook account. I had sometime today to check my FB account where my mom had so many games request. Of course, I’m not playing those as I don’t have much time in my hand right now, unlike before, so I can’t accept those types of request. So, I started checking her photos instead, which made me feel this way.

Anyway, her birthday is coming these November. I’m not sure what to give her this time. Hubby said mothers rings stackable is a perfect choice. She used to ask me for a ring before when I can’t seem to afford any, I guess now is the perfect time for that. I just have to find rings that can express her style and personality. I’m just not sure whether to choose diamonds, gemstones and enamel. But, as far as I remember she loves colors. She loves any accessories that has more colors than those fine jeweleries with one tone. Well, I’d better hunt the best fitting accessories for her.

shopping for stands

It’s been three months since we moved here, basically everything is in its place. But, the long awaited television that hubby is dreaming of, Toshiba 32 inch LED tv, is still in store shelf. He has been dreaming and hoping to buy that television even before moving here. I even made a promise when I got my 13th month bonus, but still didn’t happen. He opt to save the cash for the much important endeavour, which is a long story.

Well, that long story of ours, might end this month. By that time, I’m sure he will definitely jump with joy and award himself. If that’s the case, then I need to start searching for flat panel tv stands for sale. Considering the purchase of a new television, the purchase of the stand is also certain so much better to find the best deal that doesn’t compromise the quality. The hunt now begins!