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enjoying acoustic guitar

Have you ever paused to listen for a moment to a musician gently strumming an acoustic guitar or performing a blazing with those bass amplifiers, soul-stirring flamenco number? The sounds of an acoustic guitar invoke mystery and a feeling of romance for many people. Most people never stop to consider how versatile and wide-ranging acoustic guitars are, but virtually all of them can enjoy the beautiful music they make.

Acoustic guitars may seem magical, but, of course there isn’t really any magic in the guitars themselves. It’s their music that enchants you. It’s just like when you learned to write during childhood. After a while you mastered it and finally you could take on all sorts of writing assignments. The pencil was the implement to express the thoughts, but you were the one who put it to use. It’s like that with an acoustic guitar too. It’s the implement you use to make music. And you learn to play an acoustic guitar in much the same way you learned to write all those years ago. First you just play around with it, like a kind of doodling, and eventually the feeling for it in your fingers just takes over. Soon the music is flowing right through your fingers and into the guitar.

If you really want to play guitar and find yourself checking out the acoustic guitars in all the local music stores or if there is a forgotten one sitting in your attic, pick it up and learn how to play it. You will not be sorry you did.

finding articles that fits you

A lot of you don’t have the time or the desire to write your own articles, but you sure know what you want talked about, and you probably have an excellent idea of what your readers want to see and hear. Lots of you turn to free article submission services to find the articles you want to post on your Websites. Some of you turn to paid content for hire Websites to fill your article needs, Some of you even hire individual freelance writers to write the articles you desire, but how many of these people stay on topic and are willing to learn to write in your voice?

Whatever method you use, please be sure to try and find articles that fit in with the character and nature of your Website. Believe it or not, your readers know the difference. They can tell instinctively when you are running something as filler material, and when you are posting something that genuinely represents the interests of your Website or Blog.

I guess the message is to try and stay on message.

This isn’t always easy. There is a lot of material out there on the Internet, some of which is very good, and some of which has been reprocessed and renamed to the point that it is useless in creating the impression that you want.

Stay away from duplicate content. The best way to do this is to stick with the article submission services that you know and trust and that have policies against publishing duplicate content.

Another good way to assure that your readers are getting what they want is for you to hire a freelance writer that will produce exactly the kind of material that you are looking for. Read more… »

process using time on writing

Various students shrug their shoulders at the beginning of the semester when telling them that time is their best friend. Just like students, too many writers struggle with their writing because they treat time as a four letter word. However time is not the enemy if you learn to use it wisely. Time can be a tremendous help when you write if you plan ahead. Making a wise use of your time is a three-step process.

First, allow yourself enough time to live with the idea you plan to write about. Do not write. Give yourself permission to jot down notes but it is wisest to simply make these hard copy (or handwritten) notes. You want to give your muse, your subconscious mind, your brain, or whatever part of you that does your heavy lifting when it comes to writing, time to work. During this time just go about your normal life and work on other tasks, writing and otherwise. There is no need to schedule time to simply think about your future writing task. It is going on whether or not you pay attention to it. However every day you can give yourself for this process will save you much time, energy, and agony later on. Trust me. I have been there and I know whereof I speak.

Second, once you have given your brain some time to work out your rough draft (or at least the bones of it) then it is time to start writing. However before you start writing you should work out a schedule for yourself. Set goals and limitations and then stick to them. Perhaps you will write for a set amount of time or you might rather set a certain page count for your goal. Some days it will be a struggle to meet your goal and other days it will be almost painful to stop when you have met your quota, but over time your brain and writing muscles will become accustomed to the goal and the writing will come easier and faster.

Third, and this is where you need to pull out your calendar, you need to plan your schedule so you have plenty of time for that initial period of thought, a workable writing schedule, and time for drafts as well as time for breaks between drafts. Read more… »

If you are graduating high school or college, then there is no doubt you are busier than ever before. Your last year at college or high school is filled with hundreds of activities and events which you have never done during your academic career till that point. For instance, you should send applications and resumes and ask for letters of recommendations. Other things you should find the time to do are go on your class trips and find that special someone who you wish to be your date to the prom. Let’s not forget the graduation, you need to get your cap and gown for it, take tickets for the ceremony and make graduation announcements and give them out to family members and close friends.

Of course you’ll have to pay for all these extras but avoid a budget deficit. There are several ways to cut the costs without having to cut corners. When it comes to ordering graduation announcements you can easily save some money. These announcements are formal cards that you should send to friends and relatives to inform them of your successful graduation. The majority of students prefer to have their name, degree, honors and designations typed on their graduation announcements. The date of the ceremony is often included, as well. While other students save some money by purchasing generic graduation announcements and they add some personal information by hand.

No matter what kind of graduation announcements you choose, there are certain things you can do in order to cut the costs. First of all, order the graduation announcements as early as possible. This will save you the mad scramble before the graduation and it will cost you less as you might find special offers or discounts. Read more… »

Today most pearls are cultured, meaning that the mollusk is purposely inserted with an irritant or “nucleus” from which it creates a pearl. A better way to think of the difference between natural pearls and cultured pearls is to think of the natural pearl as a result of the mollusk working alone and the cultured pearls as a product of nature being helped by science. Cultured pearls are not “fake” like many people may think. The culturing process takes from two to three years and is a very delicate process. The pearl farmers have little control on what the outcome of the pearl will look like or if the mollusk will reject the nucleus. Not all pearls are fine quality or even desirable at all. The end result is ultimately a consequence of nature.

Choosing pearls that are of the best quality are determined by luster, nacre thickness and quality (the outer layer), color, surface perfection, shape, and size. The biggest factor of pearl quality is nacre thickness and quality which determines how long the pearl will last. Nacre thickness determines the longevity of the pearl and nacre quality determines how light reflects through the layers of the pearls. High luster and iridescence come from high quality nacre and any pearl with these characteristics has quality, thick nacre. When judging nacre look for uniform iridescence, intensity of luster, cracks and peeling, estimate thickness near the drill hole between the nacre and the shell bead (nacre is lighter). Pearls are very thick with at least .5 mm on all pearls, thick with at least.5mm on most pearls, medium with between .35 and .5 mm on most pearls, and thin with .25 mm or less on most pearls.

Luster is also important and one of the first factors to notice. Luster is an intense brightness that illuminates from within the pearl rather than just being “shiny” like in imitation pearls. The intense brightness results from light being reflected throughout the numerous layers of nacre. Read more… »

if given a chance

I have to admit, I love watches. If given a chance and if I have lots of money, I would really shop for the watches I have in mind. Unfortunately, I just don’t have that much. I’m left with little choice and that is to be contented with the watches hubby gives. But, that doesn’t mean I will stop dreaming and working to achieve it.

For now, I’m looking at the different watches including the IWC Watches of Lussori. I came across this store before and I instantly fall in love with their items that’s why I keep on coming back. The sad thing is that I’m only limited to window shopping.

Anyway, Lussori has over 10 years of experience in bringing the world’s finest timepieces and jewelry to the most discriminating clients. They have certified watchmakers, gemologists and custom jewelers on the premises with state of the art equipment for all aspects of service. They also have a team of experts that can help you with some of the world’s rarest and most unique timepieces (Tourbillons, Minute Repeaters, Bi-retrogrades, Perpetual Calendars etc). With that you can expect a level of customer service associated with only the world’s finest timepiece and jewelry brands.