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Robert Pattinson Rocks Red Hair at 2011 Golden Globe Awards

While Robert Pattinson as he posed for pictures on the red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, there was something a bit different. He no longer has brown hair, having dyed it a subtle shade of red. E! Online caught up with the British heartthrob on the red carpet before the awards ceremony and, as expected, the first thing that caught the eye of the reporter was the hair. Also, Pattinson was also rocking a much shorter ‘do than his “Twilight” fans may be familiar with – and the explanation for that is to be found in his upcoming film “Water for Elephants.”

“I had to keep switching it between two movies,” Pattinson said when asked about the new shade in his hair. He’s referring to “Breaking Dawn” and the aforementioned “Water for Elephants,” which also stars Reese Witherspoon. “I thought it was a nice change,” the actor added with a laugh. Speaking of “Breaking Dawn,” Pattinson also laughed when asked about the photo that Summit released from the film this weekend.

As we also informed you on Saturday, the pic shows Edward (Pattinson) and his mortal wife Bella (Kristen Stewart) on a bed. They’re seen only from the shoulder up, but it’s clear that they’re not wearing any clothes. Any “Twilight” fan must know that Edward makes quite a mess in the room the first time he makes love to Bella, with most of the pillows on the bed being tore apart, sending feathers in all corners of the room. In the picture released, the pillows seem intact, which could mean that the shot is from before the lovemaking. Either way, it’s very sweet, with Bella tracing Edward’s face with a finger, while he’s lost in her eyes.

shocking news I discover

Last Thursday, shocking news has been posted on one of hubby’s friend Facebook wall. The poor guy was a victim of “hit and run” and is in critical condition. His family is trying to get the culprit, but no one got the plate number of the car. Just this morning, his body gave up and he rests in peace.

It is sad news for the rest of his friends and family. The perpetrator should pay for his wrongdoings. For the poor guy, justice may come a little longer or may not come at all. But, for those who got into an accident and had a chance to fight for their right, all they need is knowledgeable and experience accident attorney to get the offender pay for the mistake.


Tongue piercing may cause gapped teeth

There is a case study that suggested that, tongue piercing can lead to a damaging habit that causes a gap to appear between the upper front teeth, which could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

The patient was a 26-year-old woman who came to the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine’s orthodontic clinic because a large space had developed between her upper front teeth. She also had a tongue piercing that held a barbell-shaped stud. The woman did not have a gap in her teeth before she had her tongue pierced seven years before. But she developed a habit in which she repeatedly pushed the stud against her upper front teeth, which created the gap, the study authors noted.

“The barbell is never removed because the tongue is so vascular that leaving the stud out can result in healing of the opening in the tongue, so it makes perfect sense that constant pushing of the stud against the teeth — every day with no break — will move them or drive them apart,” researcher said. Read more… »

Brangelina Don’t Care About Scandalous Biography

Angelina Jolie is among the very few celebrities who don’t use a publicist to handle her image in the media and that’s because, despite being a very high-profile star, she does that herself. Given the amount of the media coverage she and partner Brad Pitt get, this also means filtering out which stories about themselves they read– and that excludes Andrew Morton’s recently released so-called “scandalous” unauthorized biography.

“According to the Los Angeles Times, Morton’s Angelina doesn’t so much tell all as explain all: ‘surprisingly sympathetic,’ spouts the Times, which also reveals Morton relied heavily on a host of shrink types who explain Ms. Misunderstood from a distance, while never having met the woman,” Casablanca says of the biography, which is marketed as a “scandalous tell-all.” “They don’t care,” is how the Brangelina source describes the stars’ reaction to the release of the book, saying they will most certainly not be buying a copy.

“Don’t forget, they have people who show them things, when necessary. That’s when they just call their lawyer. They have two they regularly use, I believe,” the source says. “The Brangie chum’s translated words could be interpreted as: if you want Brad and Angie themselves to be interested, know that what you write will pass through their attorneys first. We don’t think any Brangie legal eyeballs will be popping over Morton’s latest book, just as was the case with his bleh Cruise job,” Casablanca concludes, drawing a comparison with Morton’s previous release, which promised an expose on Cruise and did one on Scientology instead.

article about gold trading

Even before, I’m very open about my intention to buy gold coins. But, I could not do it immediately because I don’t have the resources yet. It means I have no wealth to protect. Even if that is the case, I’m still interested to learn more about it and its updates.

Just this morning, I read an article about gold trading yesterday. Well, I’m not so good at it, that’s why it left me confused over the terms used. Basically, gold was receiving special attention from investors since last year and when it hit all-time highs that interest peaked even further. But, even with all the interest in gold we are far from approaching a gold bubble.

Since the turn of the century many investors fled to gold to protect their investments due to the depreciating currency, real estate crash and rising unemployment levels have left the country in a recession.

Mining companies felt the pain when gold prices fell to around $300/oz. Many decided to cut their expenses and abandon all mining projects in order to cut costs and keep revenue. Now that gold has once again soared, mining companies are back in the game and moving at full speed exploring 20-30 year-old deposits with new technology as well as exploring untouched deposits. So, we will be expecting more towards the yellow metal. And there is no doubt that investors will be watching the yellow metal very closely over the coming years and we may see gold break new records.

Maxim’s Hottest for 2010 is Katy Perry

Year 2010 is for singer Katy Perry as she named Maxim magazine “The First Lady of Hot,” after carefully analyzing and comparing her achievements in music, fashion and, of course, the degree of hotness exposed on public outings and magazine spreads. Last year’s number one, “House” star Olivia Wilde, took a tumble out of top 10, landing on the 20th position.

“Katy Perry might croon about a dude being ‘Hot N Cold,’ but the star herself never strays from the hot spot as the very top of our 2010 Hot 100 List. The perfect Perry first caught our attention in 2008 with her smash hit, ‘I Kissed a Girl’ – and we liked it. Yeah, we were more than okay with Katy’s kiss-and-tell attitude and the bi-curious beauty has been on our radar ever since,” Maxim says in an introductory piece on the highly popular singer, who always turns heads for her stunning looks as well.

“Lately, her engagement to British comedian Russell Brand has bought her quite a bit of face time in the gossip blogs. And now, the west coast cutie is making more waves with her recently released single ‘California Gurls’- sure to be a staple on this summer’s party playlist. With her new album coming out this summer, the number one stunner will no doubt continue to burn up the pop charts and light a fire in our hearts,” Maxim further says of Katy’s lasting power. Read more… »