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Learning Foreign Language

Who of us wouldn’t just love to learn a new language? In fact, every human being is driven to search for meaning. Passive observation is just not enough; it is the interactivity that is so essential. “Tell me, and I forget. Show me, and I remember. Let me do, and I understand,” says the ancient Chinese proverb. It’s one thing to show your child a picture of the ocean, and say “ocean,” and quite another thing to let her splash in an ocean and say, “The Ocean is water.” You can continue this exercise in more sophisticated ways as your child grows. If your 8-year-old, for example, is enjoying a TV program about airplanes, why not take him to an airport and ask a pilot to show you a cockpit?

Research in the area of memory indicates that a person only retains, long-term: 10% of what they read, but 90% of what they do and say! Findings suggest that “the brain develops on a ‘use it or lose it’ principle.” So, the best time to master a skill associated with a system is just when a new system is coming on line in your brain. Language is the perfect example. It’s very easy for a 2 year old to learn any new language. So, what idiot decreed that foreign-language shouldn’t begin until high school?

For years, many teachers have found that their “Holy Grail” has been attention. But evidence suggests that the brain’s ability to stay attentive for extended periods of time is not only rare but difficult. The brain needs downtime! If you don’t give it to them they’ll just tune out anyway. So, why don’t students remember what they were taught? This usually occurs because the information served no useful purpose in their lives and their brains dropped it. Or probably because they didn’t learn in the first place!

I really hate when my period is about to come. A week earlier would likely mean a hell for me. I can’t control pimples popping out anywhere especially at my back, chest and face. They really look nasty and it destroys whatever beauty that is left of me. Actually, it’s my long time problem that started during my teenage years, but it continually pestering me now.

Over the years I learned to prepare for the worse such as this. That’s why one would find lots of face and back acne treatments in my cabinet. It took me a while to understand the need for these things. That’s why I end up having a lot of remnants of the old acne attacks I had. I’m sure dermatologists would say it takes a few sessions to remove my scars completely. Well, that would be another story. For now, I will focus on preventing this acne from making a lot of trouble.

Oh it’s indeed a long time since I posted something here. But, I’m really up to something this time. Life planning takes quite a long time to reevaluate things in order to make some good plans. Some decisions I made in the past takes a toll in our current situation. That’s why we are taking things a little more serious this time. I’m just happy hubby and I was able to come up with a nice idea.

Well, if everything goes according to plan, then we might be able to buy the things we love including recreational vehicle. Then, we might request rv insurance quote from Good Sam. Of course, having rv requires having insurance. Those two goes hand in hand together.

Anyway, I really love the idea since I love to travel, having that kind of vehicle opens a much better opportunity for the whole family.

Unfortunately, most of these sources of job stress are not apparent before you are hired, but come with the job. They usually catch you by surprise and turn what you thought would be a great job into a nightmare.

  • Overload. With too much work and too little time, stress is inevitable. This may be either a permanent or temporary situation. If temporary, you can probably cope with it. If permanent, tell your supervisor it is too much. If that doesn’t bring results, consider looking for another job, as stress builds with repetition.
  • Noise. Few jobs are located next to a junk yard or a sound stage where bands with strange-sounding names are rehearsing. If you are unlucky enough to work in such a deafening environment, stress can be unbearable.
  • A messy environment. If you were raised in a normal environment but your workplace reminds you of the city dump, it can be stressful. The toilet is plugged up, the broken window hasn’t been replaced and you have to avoid puddles wherever you walk.
  • Obsolete equipment. Some small companies have been doing the same job the same way forever. They are resistant to change or modernizing. The secretary is still using a typewriter instead of a word processor. The carpenter is denied even an electric screw driver. This makes the job longer and harder, which causes frustration, which causes stress. Read more… »

We are just counting days before the graduation day of my sister takes place. To be specific, it’s only 15 days to go and everyone is excited about it. We wanted to throw a big party for her; I’m sure she is expecting that. Despite our financial difficulties she was able to graduate with no worries. So, it’s something we should celebrate and be thankful.

However, sister is a little worried over insurance because she will no longer be part of my parents’ dependents. That’s why she is busy looking for affordable term life insurance that will ensure her until she finds a stable work. But, she will still need my support for the payment. She doesn’t have a work while studying and just relying on the allowances we give her. It means she won’t be able to pay for the insurance by herself. But, I’m sure it will be the last time I will spend something for her.

realizing that being fat isn’t healthy

For almost a month now, hubby and I have been eating small amount of carbohydrates. Well, it’s better to say small amount of foods. We like to lose weight in a few months’ time. Hubby accompanies me after realizing that being fat isn’t healthy. Actually, he knows about it, but he is just too hard-headed and too lazy to do it.

There is lots of health risk associated with obesity that’s why he wanted to get in shape. So far, we are successful and we are seeing improvements. But, I continue to read about diet supplements including adapexin-p. This diet pill uses seven powerful and effective diet and weight loss ingredients. But, I may not be using it if we continue doing what we do.